Governance Implementation

Governance implementation

A wide range of affordable and easy-to-use software is commercially available to streamline the whole board process.  Software solutions are constantly being developed and refined as more is learnt about good governance practice.  Approach is able to help you select and implement the right software solutions to improve efficiency, reduce distractions, reduce risk and generally enable your board to operate better.

Approach is also able to help clients develop, document and embed policies, reporting structures, systems, processes and practices that constitute elements of good governance.  These include board charters, committee terms of reference, policies and operational processes.

It is one thing if a board is accountable to a wide range of independent investors, it is quite another if a board reports to a closely held group of investors.  Dynamics are also different if individuals in the group are members of the same family.

Approach has experience and skill working with these differences and can use it to deliver solutions that lead to outstanding outcomes for your board.

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